Would You Like to Plant a Miracle? Plant a Garden.

"There's a mini-miracle patiently awaiting in every seed." Horace Glump

The sun is shining, finally, the soil is warming and the greenhouse is toasty. It's time to put away the seed catalogs that we've been pouring over all winter and get dirty. Gardening is a big thing this year, even the First Lady turned over a shovel full of dirt. I remember when we first moved to the edge of the Northern Rockies we lived next to a very accomplished gardener. Being a city girl, I really had no idea how vegetables grew. I didn't even know how to plant a seed. My neighbor took me under her wing and allowed me to share her garden. She taught me how to prepare the soil, plant the seeds, water and weed. She taught me which plants went well together and which ones needed to be kept apart so they wouldn't fight over the good nourishing stuff in the dirt. It was amazing! I discovered where green beans come from and how to tell when a carrot was ready to pull. Since we gardened organically, I could pull nutritious veggies right off the stalk or right out of the dirt and eat a salad. (A little dirt never hurt anybody. Just ask your three year old). Soon after, we planted our own garden and then my husband caught the gardening bug. Now, he is the master gardener and I help harvest - my favorite part anyway.

There are a lot of resources out there to inspire gardeners of any level. My favorite gardening site this season is Horace Glump on Gardening. My friend Horace (pictured below) is from our area and he has learned some valuable lessons in outwitting our finicky summers - we've actually lost an entire garden to a hard frost on the Fourth of July. Along with a good dose of gardening know-how Horace gives tidbits of wisdom in his Glumpisms. Give Horace a visit and share with him how your garden grows. Here are a few of my favorite posts:

Lasagna Gardening Glumpism "Growing a garden is good for your soul, harvesting a garden is good for your stomach."
My Tomato World Turned Upside Down Glumpism - "Unlike a garden, a fertile mind requires no manure."
Leftover Lasagna Glumpism - "Gardeners are the only people I know who enjoy dirty looks."

If you have never gardened before, this is the year to start Shoestringing it in the garden. It's good for your family, it's good for your pocketbook and it's good for your soul.
Leave a comment and share your favorite gardening method.

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