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Spring is here! Hooray!! Bathing suite season is almost here, quick run and hide! That's how I always feel this time of year. I usually seem to put on weight during the winter. It starts at Christmas, (who can say no to all those cookies?), and then just gets worse in the cold and dreary days of January and February. For me, winter days just seem to lend themselves more to snuggling with coffee, cookies and a good book than vigorous exercise and healthy eating. I do go out for an occasional walk in the snow but that's not really enough to keep me in shape. So, here it is almost bathing suit season and I need motivational weight loss help.

A health professional recommended this site to my friend Gayle and she shared the link with me.This site offers tons of just the kind of help, information and motivation, that I need to get me back on the beach this summer. The site is called a Healthy Me,, and it's like having my own personal trainer for free.
The site gives information on all sorts of health issues for adults and children. Two of the areas that I found the most interesting in terms of losing the pounds and getting healthy are the Personalized Home Page and the Cool Tools section.
  • Personalized Home Page: When you register you fill out a simple profile clicking on your areas of health interest. For me I chose areas that had to do with weight loss, exercise, herbal remedies, high blood pressure, heart disease, and healthy eating. Now when I log into my home page I see information on my chosen topics. I also chose to receive a personalized newsletter each week based on the health topics that I am interested in. I can go into my profile and change the topics whenever I want.
  • Cool Tools: I love this part of the site. Have you ever wondered what your body mass was or how to calculate your body fat? How about how many calories you are supposed to eat or what your fitness level is? Cool Tools offers calculators for just about any health issue. You can also take assessments to assess your lifestyle habits, your daily nutrition, your personal risk factors for heart disease, obesity and diabetes, etc.. Each assessment then suggests steps that you can take to improve your health. There is a Nutrition Toolbox that gives information on the nutrition of over 30,000 foods and a whole list of printable health diaries.

I also loved browsing through the offerings of the Medical Library. In the Library you can find information and answers to more health questions than you can probably think of asking. They even have an Ask the Experts section. Of course, a website is never a substitute for a Doctor but it's a good place to start.

Check out a Healthy Me and get your plan for a fit and healthy you. If you need a great exercise plan that you can do right from home without paying for a health club membership, check out my post Shoestring Beauty - 52 Card Workout.

I'll see you at the beach.

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LeeAnn said...

DeeAnn, you're not the only one feeling a little squishy around the edges. I'm going right over to that site, and I will not stop for a snack on the way. At least with this beautiful weather, we'll soon be doing deep knee bends out in the garden, yay!