Shoestring Decorating with Vintage Advertising

I've often noticed that people who are willing to live a Shoestring Lifestyle have the most unique decorating sense. Shoestringers have an eye for the unique and fun. We understand that a little paint, a new shade, a new purpose can turn something that is old and boring into new and exciting. We are the champions of the recycle reuse decorating technique. I believe that Trash to Treasure and Shabby Chic have their roots in the Shoestring Lifestyle. Today I have a guest post from Horace Glump about a unique decorating idea. Please share your Shoestring Decorating experiences in the comments. It's great to learn from each other.

My friend Horace Glump from has a unique sense of decorating. He is an artist at heart as well as vocation. Today Horace offers his take on Decorating with Vintage Advertising Art.

Print advertising mediums began in earnest in the 19th century, but spread like wildfire in the 20th century. Each print advertisement became a mini time capsule recording the popular pulse of whatever period in which they were printed. They almost appear to be alive and ever evolving with the twists and turns of society. The more time that passes from the original publication date, the more ironic or down right hilarious the message becomes as it is viewed and read today.
Though some may write off advertising art as kitschy and too commercial to be considered "real art", I beg to differ. You'll find many great artists such as Norman Rockwell, Frederick Remington and Le Roy Neiman, just to name a few, who have contributed to this medium. So as with other pieces of art, why not decorate your home or business with the fanciful advertisement art of yesteryear? Best of all decorating with vintage advertising art is relatively cheap. Where else can you get a emotion-provoking illustration by Norman Rockwell graced with a rich,one of a kind patina from gentle years in storage all for under $10.00?

The Possibilities Are Endless

You'll find vintage advertising available that was pulled from old magazines, packaging, labels, mailers, matchbooks or just about anything that could be printed. Decorate a laundry room with old detergent ads, Frame some old food product or kitchen appliance ads for the kitchen. For the bar or study, find an old whiskey ad. For your bathroom how about razor blade or soap ads? I'm sure you get the idea. I especially like to use the World War II era advertisements because they evoke a feeling of "we're all in this together" and some of the propaganda undertones are quite thought provoking as viewed through the lens of time.

They Make Great Gifts Too!

These old ads also make great gifts for people with special interests. For example, give the seamstress a framed Singer Sewing machine ad from the 40's or how about an old "Desoto" ad from the 50's for the car buff. The possibilities really are endless.

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Gayle said...

I love using old treasures from my family history to decorate. Many families move and throw old things out, but my parents are known to save or pass on everything. So, I have old china from my grandmother, ration books from my other grandma, muslin 50 lb. "salt" bags, old guns, old hats, etc hanging on my walls. It was free to me, and reminds me lovingly of times with my grandparents who are no longer with me.