Be A Shoestringing Princess at the Prom

It's prom time already. I can't believe how fast this school year has gone. My daughter is past her prom years but I still love looking at the dresses in the store window. However I do not enjoy looking at the price tags. Oh my goodness! How do girls afford to go to the prom anymore? I don't think that you should have to take out a second mortgage to help your daughter go to the prom.
There are lots of ways to Shoestring it at the prom and still look like a princess.

  • Make your own dress: For me that's an impossibility, I really don't sew at all. But I have met mothers and daughters who have had a great time working together on a dress and have saved money by buying the fabric at a discount. One girl that I know made a dress out of colored duct tape - very cool. I love the idea of making your prom dress your own personal work of art.
  • Shop discount: Stores like Ross and T.J. Maxx usually have a good selection of formals at this time of year. I found one of my favorite little black dresses at Ross for $16.99.
  • Look online: My daughter bought her first formal online. The price was right and the quality was good. When I googled, discount prom dresses I found pages of sites. If you like auctions, ebay is a great place to look. When I searched prom dresses I found about 42,000 auctions and buy it now opportunities. The prices look good with many starting bids under $20 but be careful not to get carried away with auction fever and stay within your budget. Remember to figure the shipping into your total cost. I actually have listed on ebay a lovely special occasion dress left over from my daughter's wedding , if anyone is interested......
  • Check out Vintage Dresses: We have a really fun and unique vintage clothing shop in the Spokane area called Finders Keepers. They specialize in vintage jewelry and fashion. Formals, shoes, hats, gloves, glitz they've got it all. I recently went to an amazing vintage clothing store in downtown Glendale, Arizona. I can't remember the name but the prices were fantastic. I could have easily restocked my closet from that store. Always try a vintage dress on before buying it because sizes tend to run small. If you are going to buy online be sure and double check the measurements of the dress.
  • Do a dress swap: There are so many formal dances and events - concerts, Christmas Dance, Spring Formal, Prom, etc. Why not have a dress swap party? Invite your daughter's friends from her school and other schools and ask them bring the formals that they've worn to other events. Have a big try on session and end with a fashion show. Chances are the girls will find dresses that they will want to trade. If not, everyone gets to have a good time getting together.
Prom season is a good time to teach our daughters lessons in economy. It's important for them to know that they can be a princess and have an enchanted evening without emptying the castle treasury.
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Gayle said...

I love your line about teaching our daughters about being a princess without emptying the castle treasury. This is a great lesson that may save their date embarrassment, too. A guy going to prom should be willing to tell his date what she can expect in the way of transportation and dining so that she is not disappointed at not getting an expensive limo ride or fancy pants restaurant. If she is not willing to go with him without luxurious accommodations, she is probably more trouble than she is worth.