Shoestring Valentines Day - 10 Ideas for Romantic Valentines Day Dates

Saturday is Valentines Day. Did you remember? Are you still trying to think of something special to do with your sweetie that wont break the bank?

Here are 10 inexpensive or free (I like that word) ideas for romantic Valentines Day dates:
  1. Go out for a romantic dinner. Pick a favorite medium priced restaurant and share an entree. Most places give such large portions that you both will get plenty to eat. Check the menu, the restaurant may charge a splitting fee but you will still get a nice dinner for less.
  2. Have a candlelight dinner at home. One evening when our older children were gone for the evening we cooked a delicious dinner together, got dressed up - he in a suit and me in a formal - and set the table with candles and the best dishes. We added some romantic music and had the perfect date without ever leaving home. (Remember it must end as well as it begins so both of you have to help with clean up. Doing dishes together can be very romantic.)
  3. Have a Valentines Day picnic. I know that it's still winter, but a picnic is romantic no matter what time of year. Bake some heart shaped cookies, fill your thermos with coffee or hot cocoa, grab a blanket, a warm jacket and a romantically adventuresome spirit and venture out.
  4. Take a trip together to the candy store, my favorite is Sees Candy, and hand pick a pound of favorite chocolates. Find a lovely spot - a park, a scenic overlook - and eat at least half of the box before you go home.
  5. Take a long, long walk together. Talk and hold hands.
  6. Too cold to walk outside? Go mall walking together. It's so hard to get exercise in the middle of winter. Exercising together can be very romantic. Go to the mall and decide how many times you will walk through the mall. Walk quickly but remember to talk and hold hands.
  7. Start you day with a romantic breakfast in bed. Get things set up the night before so you aren't rushing around in the morning. Cinnamon rolls made the night before make a lovely breakfast treat. Remember that this is breakfast in bed for both of you. It's only romantic if you share the experience.
  8. Go on a window shopping date. Give yourselves a large amount of imaginary money, say $5000 and shop together for things that you would love to give each other.
  9. Find a discount theater in your area and see a movie. Since the tickets are less expensive splurge and buy some popcorn to share.
  10. Make the whole day one big Valentines Date by saying,"I love you", to each other every chance that you get. Write love notes and hide them around the house: in the medicine cabinet, under a pillow, between the bread of a sandwich, taped to the TV remote, in a jacket pocket.
Remember, money can't buy love and romance doesn't have to be expensive; it just has to come from the heart.
Any other suggestions for a Shoestring Valentines Day?
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Gayle said...

I am a big fan of dessert, so when a restaurant meal is shared we can afford a dessert . . . also shared, and we still have room in our tummies to enjoy it.

I also love that you said to make sure the evening ends well with . . . washing dishes. (-: I was expecting something more like a massage with scented warm oils.

Anonymous said...

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