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My oldest son in planning on traveling to Asia. He has an opportunity to visit South Korea. Very exciting but money is crazy tight so it's important for him to find the best price available on an airline ticket. Searching out the best travel prices can be frustrating and mind boggling. So, I turn to Kayak. Kayak travel site is one of the affiliates that advertise on Shoestrings End. I added Kayak as an affiliate because people that I trust had used it with excellent results. My mother recently booked a flight for me to visit her in Phoenix (thanks, mom) and here is what she said about her success with Kayak,
I used your travel post I couldn't be more pleased with it. It really does give you the best flight available. It was very easy to follow. I plan to use it from now on.

Here's how Kayak works. Kayak is a travel search engine that searches hundreds of travel sites to provide you with best price information about airfare, hotels, cruises and car rental. They offer an easy to use and understand display of price information and then will link you to the right travel source to make your purchase. They also offer fare alerts and fare history so that you can stay up to date when prices change.

When I checked out an airline ticket to Seoul I discovered how easy it is to modify your search to your specific needs. You decide how many layovers you want, departure times, layover durations, first class (yes, please) or economy (what we can afford), you can even search aircraft type. You can search all available airlines or just your favorite airline. Finding a hotel is equally as simple, just click on hotel and you can sort by location, popularity, price, name, stars and distance and amenities. Once you find the price you want, click on details and it will take you to the travel site so you can check it out and take care of your booking. If you want to see for yourself what Kayak is all about, you can link through the advertisement in the sidebar of Shoestrings End. Have you had a positive experience using Kayak? Leave a comment and tell us about it.

We all may not have lots of money jingling in our pockets right now but, if it's time for adventure, you can find the best deal at Kayak and still have a little jingle left over.
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