Shoelaces - A Great Shoestring Fashion Statement

Have you ever stopped and considered your shoelaces? At first glance they are bits of string with plastic thingys at the end that keep your shoes on. Now, look at them again. These functional laces have the potential to be works of art. They can give your lace up shoes individuality and pizazz. They are a Shoestring Fashion Statement.

This morning I discovered a site called Ian's Shoelace Site. According to Ian, there are 2 Trillion different lacing methods. He even has the math to prove it! On his shoelace site Ian lists 36 ways to lace your shoes, complete with instructions, a diagram and photos of shoes sporting that particular lacing pattern. Ian even gives the pros and cons of the lacing pattern. The site also has advice on common shoelace complaints: slipping shoelaces, crooked bows, lace lengths. Are you interested in Shoelace trivia? Ian has it in his Shoelace News section. If you have specific shoelace questions he includes a FAQ page.

Why am I so excited about 36 different ways to tie your shoes? Because so often our shoe wearing families get tired of their tennies, sneakers and lace up boots before they are really worn out and need to be replaced. You don't have to buy new shoes, just dress them up with new laces. Buy different colored laces and lace up those shoes in a fun pattern. One of my favorites is the zipper - Fun and functional.
There are also lots of learning skills involved in these lacing patterns: fine motor skills, problem solving, reading - as you follow the directions, math and measurement. Of course, since lacing is a new skill, patience will be developed as well. To keep frustrations levels at a low, be sure and try the new lacing pattern when you have time to get it right and not right before your kids are heading out the door to school.

This is Shoestring Fashion at its best, economical and fun. Give your sneakers a new lease on life and lace 'em up.
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