Is a Positive Attitude a Luxury or a Necessity?

In today's economy it seems that keeping a positive outlook on life is a luxury afforded to the few that have money in their pockets. I don't agree. The dictionary says that a luxury is an indulgence, but I believe that sometimes it's necessary to indulge. I just read Dan Miller's blog about the necessity of a positive life purpose in this job market. I found myself agreeing with his premise. The truth is that to live a successful Shoestring lifestyle you must choose the necessary luxury of a positive attitude.
Like many Americans I start my day by watching the morning news. That can be a positive thing - I see what the weather will be like in my area and what is going on in my community. It can also be a negative thing because the news anchors, both local and national, seem to get some strange glee from reporting bad news. They have a gleam in their eye as they tell us about our economic trouble, job losses and security threats. Wow, if you just start your day with the morning news you can be headed for some serious negative vibes that will effect the rest of your day. Plan, instead, on starting your day with something positive and luxurious, something that makes you feel equipped to get out of bed and get going. It doesn't have to be big or extravagant. The best things in life are simple (and usually inexpensive) pleasures.

My husband and I enjoy a cup of coffee in bed before we get up and face the day. In order to easily facilitate this indulgence I have a coffee pot in our bedroom next to my side of the bed. It's set on a timer so that it starts ten minutes before we get up. Then, when the alarm rings, we have the delicious smell of fresh coffee to motive us to open our eyes. Since the coffee is right next to me, I just have to sit up, reach over and pour two cups. As we watch the news of the day we are insulated for a moment by the warmth of the coffee in our cups and the companionship of sharing this morning ritual. Simple, but sets our day on a positive spin.

Six More Simply Positive Starters:
  1. Recharge spiritually. Before you get moving into your day spend some moments in prayer and study. You'll be surprised how your outlook will change when you remember Who is in charge.
  2. Take a hot shower. Oh, how I love a hot shower! It makes me think of all the worries of yesterday washing away to give me a fresh morning start.
  3. Exercise! You don't have to do a huge work out but stretch, move, breath. Get your body and attitude working together in a positive way.
  4. Make a plan to reach out to someone in your sphere of influence. Too often we start our day with thoughts of how we need to confront this or that person, tell them off, make them see things our way. Instead concentrate your morning thoughts on helping others. Pick two co-workers, family members, neighbors and think about what you can do to help them and make their day more positive.
  5. Laugh. Read the comics in the paper or subscribe to a daily joke site online. Turn off the news and watch a rerun of a favorite sitcom or put in a DVD of your favorite comedy while you get ready to walk out the door.
  6. Smile. If you walk by the mirror and find yourself scowling in anticipation of your day. Stop. Take a deep breath and Smile at yourself. Remind yourself that you are a lovable and capable person.
Six simple starters to a positive day. Not earth shattering revelations but good reminders that the attitude that we get out of bed with each day is our choice. Leave a comment and share you strategies for starting you day in a positive way.
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Anonymous said...

Great suggestions! I agree that a positive attitude is a necessity for least in my world. Thanks for being a positive influence to those of us who are privelieged to know you! :)