Shoestring Savings - What I Found For a Dollar

One dollar, 100 pennies, 20 nickels, 10 dimes, 4 quarters.
I often hear the remark that you can't buy as much for a dollar as you used to, and that is true. But there are still products out there that carry the $1 price tag and I love to discover them. A couple of my favorite stores are The Dollar Tree and a little store in Newport Washington called Dollar and Deals. These stores specialize in items that sell for a buck. Some of the big chains also carry great dollar deals. Target has their dollar section right by the entrance. As I walk into our Target I first stop to smell the Starbucks coffee (even if I don't buy a cup, I just love the smell) and then I turn to my left and check out the dollar shelves.

Products that caught my eye on the Target dollar shelves:
  • A whole shelf full of little booklets from the For Dummies series. I'm a dummy about a lot of things so I was drawn to these.
  • Colorful socks. The dollar shelves almost always carry socks for different seasons. I love fun socks!
  • A small travel set of make up brushes.
  • Pad of lined paper with a magnet on the back to stick on my fridge for notes and shopping lists.

The shelves were full of other interesting things. We often look here for small gifts to say thank you or I appreciate you. Another fun way to stretch your dollar on these shelves is to buy a basket and fill it with these dollar deals and give it to a neighbor, your child's teacher, your secret pal or anyone who might need some cheering.

It's true that you get what you pay for. So when you only spend a dollar don't expect to get more than a dollar's worth from it. Then when it lasts forever or you get much enjoyment out of it you will be pleasantly surprised. Years ago I bought a bread knife for a dollar at Target and it's still one of my favorite knives.

Keep your eyes open for those dollar deals; a dollar can still go a long way.

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