Shoestring Recycling - Reuse your empty plastic containers

Without looking at the calendar, how else can you tell that it's January? All of the stores have their home organizational products on sale. I love all of those plastic bins. They come in so many sizes with colorful lids. I could spend a fortune just buying bins - small, large, the stackable kind, the ones with drawers.....sigh!

But I don't have a fortune to spend to organize my stuff.
So, what do I have around the house that I can reuse and turn into storage containers for our Annual New Year January Organizing The House projects?

We shop at Costco quite a lot and many of the products come in large plastic containers. These containers are sturdy, have large openings at the top and nice indentations in the side so that you can hold them easily. They're great containers and I hate throwing them away when we finish whatever is inside. So I save them and the empties pile up in various places in the kitchen and the garage. My husband came up with a great idea for reusing these Costco containers.

He replaced the original label with our own label and made canisters to hold things like brown sugar, powdered sugar or popcorn - things that come in bags that usually rip or get holes in the corners and leak all over the place and are hard to pour out. In the new canisters (that used to be the Costco containers) it's easier to see how much you have left of something and when you need to add it to your shopping list. The wide mouth of the canisters also makes measuring and scooping a snap. You can buy label material at the craft store and use permanent markers for your own design or, for even more original artwork, have your kids design your labels. You can also design your labels on your computer and print them out on your printer. Spray adhesive is great for sticking them onto the plastic and if you want to protect them, cover with clear contact paper.

Another product that comes in a large reusable container at Costco is I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. To reuse this plastic container I just take a permanent marker and cross out the words Not Butter and replace them with whatever I am storing. So now it says, I Can't Believe It's Crayons or I Can't Believe It's Ribbon or I Can't Believe It's Dry Wall Screws. Easy, Fun and the yellow containers are bright and colorful on your shelf.

What do you have around the house that you can turn into a New Year January Household Organizer?

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Anonymous said...

I love your ideas. You know, you coud be a writer for a magazine. You write in such a pleasant way. I feel like I should sit down for a cup of coffee with you. We could talk for hours. !!!!

Dee Ann said...

Thanks for your kind words! A cup of coffee with a friend is always a lovely thing.