Shoestring-ing it at the Library

I always use the start of the new year as a motivator to get fit and healthy (I really fall apart in December) - a new year, a new me. This year I was lacking motivation so I went to the library in search of motivational material. The library is wonderful for Shoestring Living. So much free information available. I know that there is tons of info online and I use the internet daily, but I love to hold a book in my hands. I love the peace of the library and the un-hurriedness of browsing through the shelves to find just the right literary marvel that's going to change my life. At my library I can check out as many books and CDs as I want so when I carry out a stack of books I feel just a little richer.

Here's what I found at the Library this week:
For my health, I chose two books on lowering my cholesterol: The Harvard Medical School Guide to Lowering Your Cholesterol by Mason W. Freeman M.D. with Christine Junge and Cut Your Cholesterol by David L. Katz, M.D. and Debra L. I've skimmed through both of these and basically found them to be motivators to eat smarter. They both offer some pretty comprehensive plans without too much medical jargon.

The Ultimate Tea Diet by Mark "Dr. Tea" Ukra, is interesting. I didn't know that tea was such an amazing substance. I think that I'll try to drink it more often.

For a little business motivation I have The Neatest Little Guide to Making Money Online by Jason Kelly. It's a little outdated but has some good information and advice.

My two favorite finds from this trip to the library are:

Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes by Teresa Tapp with Barbara Smalley. I'm a sucker for anything that promises quick results. This really is a good workout, though a little hard to learn the moves. I'll give it a try this month and see if it lives up to it's promise of losing inches in 4 weeks. If it works, I'll let you know.

For muse motivation I found this wonderful little book called, Take Joy - a book for writers by Jane Yolen. I love Jane Yolen's children's books. In Take Joy she shares the joy that she has found in being a writer. The book makes me smile; we all need a little joy.

Those are my library finds this month. Very motivating stuff, just what I need to get off to a new start in the new year.
Have you been to the library lately? What literary riches did you find?

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Gayle said...

I, Juan de Pareja, is a wonderful quick read written as an fictional autobiography of a negro slave raised in Spain in the 17th century. He belongs to an artist who is a good Master, but who will not teach him to paint because it is against the law for slaves to be artists. The book is a wonderful reminder to be thankful for all of life's simple joys.

-R Boydston said...

"Going Postal" by Terry Pratchett is a great humor/fantasy book written about how one con man is saved from death and put in charge of a dying post office with one insane post man and a kid who collects pins. Terry Pratchett is a wonderful author who has created a new form of fantasy with a unique writing style.

Dee Ann said...

I read I Juan de Pareja and liked it very much. So much to think about and learn from that time period.

I'm also a huge Terry Pratchett fan and Going Postal is next on my must read list.