New Blogs to Discover: Horace and Joy To You

There are so many wonderfully unique blogs out there. The blogging community is full of fresh voices and viewpoints. I have two new favorites that are on my frequent visitation list. Both comment in different ways on our human condition. Both are insightful and unique.

Horace Glump has just started blogging on He is a little bit of a mystery man since he hasn't posted a picture or much on his profile which causes me to ask - Who is Horace Glump?
His first two posts are a kick to read and truly offer his unique view on life. Since I'm a big quote fan, I love his Glump-isms at the end that leave you with a thought to ponder much like Aesop at the end of a fable. Yesterday's Glump-ism spoke to the worry that we all face: "-Life is a lot easier if you let your dog worry for you." You must read the post for full understanding, but even on its own it is a very true statement. I have two dogs that I'd be happy to let carry my worry. I'm excited to continue Glump's Journey with him. Keep the posts coming Horace. Where will you take us next?

Kay Kindall's blog, Joy To You, is lovely visually and spiritually. Her paintings are expressive and even on the darkest winter day they bring color and delight. Kay couples each post with a painting and a text of paraphrased scripture from The Message by Eugene Peterson. It is easy to tell the heart of the blogger by the scripture that she chooses. Joy To You brings joy, hope, light and color to a world that often seems frightening and dark. If you are feeling the need for an emotional and spiritual lift, visit Joy To You.

Have you found some new blogs that you love? Share them with us.
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