6 Ways to Beat the Panic Pull and Regain Your Balance

I'm feeling panicky today.
Do you ever feel that way, as if the pull of all of the uncertainties and the what ifs of this world is pulling you out of balance? It's easy to be pulled right off of your feet and straight toward the fridge, Panic Eating. Don't do it! Not only will panic eating make you fat it also costs money because it ultimately sends you to the grocery store for an extra trip and puts you over your grocery budget. Another effect of the panic pull is Panic Shopping. Although I believe that shopping is often therapeutic, Panic Shopping causes you to spend money on things that you don't really need and often don't want and then you end up with guilt which just pulls you more out of balance.

Here are 6 free and non-caloric actions that I take to regain Balance and beat the Panic Pull:
  1. Remember, there's always something to love - First of all remember that panic is often fueled by self pity. Self pity is so destructive. It causes us to focus inward and to wallow, I hate to wallow. So knock self pity out by focusing on your blessings. When I was a kid, I used to have a poster over my be bed that said, "There is something to love in every day." A little sappy but true statement. When you hit the panic wall stop and think about what there is in your day, in this very moment that is lovely and that you are thankful for. Simple things - I just ate apples and cheese for a snack (I love apples and cheese and the apples were crisp not mushy, yum!), I have a family who loves me, the internet is working today, I had hot water for a shower (what a blessing, some people don't)...... once you start, blessing after blessing will come to mind. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Fill yourself up with blessings and you can drop-kick self pity out of there.
  2. Have an important conversation - Now that my mind is off of myself and onto more important reality, I talk to God about what is bothering me. God's perspective is so much bigger than my own. I have to remind myself that I will never think of anything that God will forget (Oswald Chambers).
  3. Read quotes - I love to read quotes. I have collections of them. I find something in a book or a play or song that touches my heart and I write it down. Then on days like today I can read other people's perspectives on life and realize that I'm not alone in Life's circumstances. It helps to see through the eyes of other people that have lived the ups and downs of life.
  4. Don't just sit there - When I'm in panic mode I often just want to shut down, crawl into bed under the covers and wait for it to pass. Not a good solution. Physical activity is a much better way to get back into balance. I like to do quiet stretches and some deep breathing to slow the heart racing that panic causes. I also recommend a quick walk. Just a fast walk to the corner and back gets my heart pumping in a good way and fills me with a now-I-can-tackle-anything mood. All of that good oxygen to the brain is a good thing that clears the fog that panic brings.
  5. Be constructive - Panic is such a destructive thing. Choose one thing that you can accomplish successfully in a short amount of time and do it (for me that was writing this blog post). Then tell yourself, "good job", and move on to the next thing.

So there's my list of 6 ways to gain control and balance over the Panic Pull and it didn't cause me to gain weight or go broke. What do you do to beat panic when it creeps in and tries to ruin your day?
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Gayle said...

Panic pull remedy #7

Go to a friend's house for coffee. Troubles somehow aren't quite so worrisome after they are shared with someone who cares for you through thick and thin!