Shoestring Savings - Coffee Time

Happy December! It is 19 degrees and much colder today than the last time that I posted, July 2. It is a sunny morning and from the window of my office I can look out over my favorite tree which is sparkling with ice like diamonds in the sun. I'm very glad to be drinking this warm rich cup of coffee.
In our home coffee is the essence of warmth and comfort. Not just any coffee. Certainly not the kind that you buy in the store and have to open with a can opener or pull the foil off the top. Noooo, not that kind of coffee. Years ago we discovered how much better a cup of coffee is when you buy good beans, grind them yourself and make a fresh pot. Unfortunately this can also be expensive. The price of whole beans has continued to rise. Even the lesser quality beans have gone up to almost $10 a pound. What are poor coffee consumers to do?

About a year ago my husband came upon a solution, Home Roasting. We found out that buying green coffee beans and roasting them ourselves can save us up to $8 per pound! That is a significant shoestring savings. I'll tell you more about how we roast at home in my upcoming posts.

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Happy December. this post is so beautiful.