Coffee Time - I would sell my cow for a bag of these beans

My last post, Home Roasted Coffee Time, discussed our discovery of roasting green coffee beans with a hot air popcorn popper. I know that it sounds strange but it really does work. Since we only spent $10 on our roaster, now we need to find affordable green coffee beans.

The wonderful thing about home roasting is that the green beans can be bought in bulk, the larger the quantity the lower the price. Large quantities of beans can be stored in a burlap sack or paper bag in a dark cool spot and will last for a year or more.

Two of our favorite sites that carry green coffee beans are Gotcha Coffee and Sweet Marias. Both offer good quality beans and excellent customer service. If you love to Ebay it's a great place to buy green beans. We have been very successful watching the auctions and bidding on beans. Just remember whenever you buy online you have to figure shipping costs into your final cost per pound to see if you getting a good deal and saving money.

Our goal was to always get beans for less than $5 a pound and most of the time we were successful. One day we chanced on the mother load of green coffee beans. We were in a Costco that had a commercial roaster in the store. Next to the roaster was a small sign that said that they sold green coffee beans and to inquire at customer service for a price. We asked at the desk and couldn't believe what they told us - $60 for a 30 pound box was the average price. Have you done the math? That's $2 a pound! Of course, $60 is a big chunk of change to plunk down at once for beans but 30 pounds of coffee will last the average coffee drinker quite a while. Costco carries a good variety of beans and, so far, we have found them to be of good quality. If $60 (more or less) sounds daunting, go in with a group of home roasting friends and share the cost.

I've told you where to get the roaster and where to get the beans. My next post will discuss the extremely uncomplicated how to of Home Roasting.

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Anonymous said...

Isn’t that Miss Kay something. She gave me some great ideas for Nathan – when he comes. I will start his box to be ready for his next visit. Right now he is fascinated with his Daddy Eric and Uncle Peter’s farm toys. He is busy farming the living room rug. I am going to look for one of those poppers and get some beans for the coffee nuts coming for Christmas. Love, Aunt