Coffee Time - The Difference between City Roast and French Roast

We are still so cold today. I think that our high was about 5 above. We do have lovely snow on the ground and it looks like a white Christmas for sure. To celebrate the cold temps I will continue to post about something that never ceases to warm me body and soul, coffee.
In my last 4 posts I discussed the joys and how to's of roasting your own coffee at home.
But how do you know which level of roast you will like the best? Experimentation is always a great way to go. Since you roast in small batches it is easy to roast and taste different roasts and see which one you like best. There are many terms used to describe the various roasts from the lightest brown to the darkest almost charcoal bean. Below is a list of roasts from my favorite coffee sight - Sweet Marias.

Roast Names
List of roast names from lightest to darkest:
1. Light Cinnamon
Very light brown, dry , tastes like toasted grain with distinct sour tones, baked, bready
2. Cinnamon
Light brown and dry, still toasted grain with distinct sour acidy tones
3. New England
Moderate light brown , still sour but not bready, the norm for cheap Eastern U.S. coffee
4. American or Light
Medium light brown, the traditional norm for the Eastern U.S .
5. City, or Medium
Medium brown, the norm for most of the Western US, good to taste varietal character of a bean.
6. Full City
Medium dark brown with some slight oily drops, good for varietal character with a little bittersweet.
7. Light French, or Espresso
Moderate dark brown with oily drops, light surface oil, more bittersweet, caramelly flavor, acidity muted.
8. French
Dark brown oily, shiny with oil, also popular for espresso; burned undertones, acidity diminished
9. Italian or Dark French
Very dark brown very shiny, burned tones become more distinct, acidity almost gone.
10. Spanish
Very dark brown, nearly black and very shiny, charcoal tones dominate, flat.

Do you have your roaster yet? Have you bought some green beans? Baby it's cold outside, roast yourself some coffee!
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