Key to Shoestring Savings - Patience, Patience, Patience

is one of my favorite movies. Last Sunday a line from that movie kept running through my brain, "In your patience possess ye your souls."
Do you remember the scene? The band has just finished recording their first record and the lead singer asks when they will get the finished product. The recording technician answers, "In your patience possess ye your souls." The bass guitarist says, "Luke" (the quote is from the Gospel of Luke - 21:19 KJV) and the other guitarist - the comedian - looks confused and says, "Luke? Who's Luke?"

Why does this Biblical movie quote have significance for the frugal lifestyle? Because if we are patient and willing to wait, the things that we need and want will come our way in an affordable manner.
Case in point:
The really-cool-super-comfortable-much-wanted-dog hair proof-leather couch.
We have been wanting a leather couch for oh so long. The couch that was in our living room was actually very comfortable in a worn missing one leg balanced on phone books kind of way but it was really time to replace it. Of course, the problem was that all of the leather couches that we liked were very expensive. For people trying to live a frugal lifestyle our tastes are quite high end. The key to finding what you want on a Shoestring budget is patient and diligent searching. So we kept our eyes out for the people who wanted to give us the expensive couch for not very much money.
On Sunday we stopped at a furniture store that was having a tent sale because my husband said that he thought that they had leather couches. I wasn't really very excited about stopping. The draw back to patient diligent searching is that the search becomes a way of life and you think that the object of your search is always down the road and never where you are. Right at the front of the tent was a most wonderful leather couch. I still wasn't very excited. This was kind of a pricey store and we had seen similar couches for a little under $2,000. In fact, the salesperson said that it had been on the floor for $1,700.
"The leather is quite dry," she said.
"And quite wet," I replied noticing the damp spots as a result of a recent rain shower.
"How much?" my husband asked.
"$400." the salesperson answered.
This was followed by an exchange of looks between my husband and myself that communicated - did you hear what she just said? - Can we afford this? - How can we pass up such a great deal?
Now, after drying the wet spots with a blow dryer and rubbing copious amounts of conditioner into the leather, we have the really-cool-super-comfortable-much-wanted-dog hair proof-leather couch sitting in our living room.
Hooray for Luke!

Here is our lovely new couch.
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Janelle said...

That is most definitely one of the comfiest couches I have ever sat on. It's like a giant, soft, leather hug that makes you want to never get up again. And it's one of the best spots to have a glorious cup of coffee!