Shoestring Wedding - You can afford your cake and eat it too! part 2

In my April 30 post, Shoestring Wedding-You can afford your cake and eat it too! I talked about my daughter's idea for an affordable wedding cake. To recap- she plans to order a small layered cake from an independently owned bakery that is just branching out into special occasion cakes. I love the concept of helping local businesses. Obviously the small cake wont feed the 150 some guests that will be expecting a piece of celebratory confection so we needed to come up with an equally affordable wedding guest treat.
My husband found the solution. While surfing the web he came upon Bakerella's blog. Her post for that day featured a truffle like treat called Cakeballs. They are so easy and fun to make and absolutely delicious and best of all the simple ingredients make them very pocket book friendly.

I am making some test cakeballs this weekend and will take a picture of my efforts.

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