Shoestring Wedding - You can afford your cake and eat it too!

Wedding magazines and books are full of pictures of wedding cakes. I actually love to look at them. I love what they are doing with the frosting now and the real flowers and the different shapes and vibrant colors. But have you seen how much a wedding cake costs?!!! You could pay for your honeymoon for the price of the cake. Maybe that's a small exaggeration, but it's not too far off. My wonderfully frugal daughter came up with a very cent saving idea for her wedding cake.
She often frequents a small independently owned bakery in the downtown area of our community. They have started to branch out into selling special occasion cakes. Since they are just starting out, their prices are very reasonable so our soon-to-be-bride ordered a small version of a wedding cake from them. Since the bakery is small, they pay special attention to quality and the little touches and since wedding cakes are a new venture for them the hope is that they will go out of their way to produce a quality product. This way she is saving money and supporting a small business.

Now, a small wedding cake will not feed all of the guests. I'll tell you about our delicious solution to this dilemma in my next Shoestring Wedding post.
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