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My daughter is getting married this summer. We have been having such fun designing a wedding that fits her and her fiance's personalities and is still affordable and fun. We have made some fantastic finds on the sale racks and in the creativity department. I have asked her to write a post about how things are going so far and I will keep you up to date with new shoestring wedding developments.

Here is what Britta has to say:
Summer is quickly approaching and with that my wedding day. With the wedding comes much planning and much purchasing. My mom and I have been on the prowl for unique ways to make all my wedding day dreams
come true in an affordable fashion.

Wedding gown: Our first goal was to scout out various bridal boutiques to get a handle on which style and shades of white worked for me.
On our second trip into the bridal unknown we visited a bridal boutique that had both a main store and an outlet store. Being the ultimate deal seekers that we are, we stopped by the outlet store first. It was there that we purchased two wedding gowns for under two hundred dollars! Our thought was to give me a little extra time to choose between the dresses and then potentially make a little extra money on the resale of the dress that I didn't choose.

Bridesmaid dresses: The dresses...well, they have been our best buy yet.
At JC Penny we found three fabulous gowns in each of my three wedding colors on clearance for a total of nine dollars - yes, you heard right, that's $3 a piece. I have to admit that I lucked out in this arena with three brides maids who are very similar in size which made it simple to find dresses for all three. However, I am confident that the real key to this find was the fact that I was open to be influenced by the sale racks.

My parents are known among family and friends for their imagination and ability to creatively make things happen. For instance....

Seating for the wedding: We are having an outdoor wedding. Since seating is often a problem at outdoor weddings, we have come up with an affordable and colorful solution. My dad and friends will be making benches and painting them my three wedding colors with paint purchased from our local Habitat for Humanity for $5 a gallon. The paint was a perfect match which just goes to show that if you keep your eyes out you are bound to find what you want for the right price.

Wedding favors: For the last coup!
For about a year my parents have been mastering the skill of roasting their own coffee. For one of my wedding favors we will be offering freshly roasted coffee. So, for about three dollars a pound for pre-roasted green beans we have a unique, delicious, and affordable option to offer our coffee loving guests!

These are just a few cost effective finds that we have crossed off our list but we will be sure to update you with our future deals as the big day gets closer and closer!

Do you have any ideas about how to put on an elegantly frugal wedding?

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