Shoestring Recycling - the pantyhose stretch

I love it when friends share their shoestring ideas. My friend Lois offers this advice for stretching the life of a pair of pantyhose.

When I was in my teens, back in the '70's, pantyhose were still a relatively new product. The old garter-belt style stockings actually stayed up better (most of the time), and if one stocking got a run in it, I just replaced the one defective stocking and saved the other new one for the next disaster. As long as I bought the same color all the time, this worked well! Pantyhose presented a new problem, because it seemed as if the entire thing had to be replaced when one run got out of control. But my parents had survived the Great Depression, and making do was Standard Operating Procedure in our household. I decided to cut off the damaged pantyhose leg and save the good one until I had a mate for it from the next major run or snag. This didn't always work out right away; sometimes I'd end up with several right legs and no lefts, or vice versa. But eventually it seemed to work out, and I didn't have to buy new ones so often. It meant wearing two "panty" sections at once, one over the other, but I didn't really mind at the time, because it all seemed to stay up better that way.
In recent years, I haven't worn nylons nearly as much as I did back then, so I haven't bothered to do all that. Besides, I seem to wear the entire pair out all at once!! But if I was wearing pantyhose all the time, and wanted to save some money, I certainly could go back to that goofy system once again.

This is a great idea and you can always recycle the cut-off leg by using it to make a Nifty Nylon Deodorant Nixer.

How do you get extra wear out of a pair of pantyhose?

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Gail said...

I, too, was raised by parents who had survived the depression...waste not, want not, and make do were familiar phrases in our house.
I wear panti-hose to work 5 days a week - all year round, and go through a lot of them. After washing, I separate the ones with just a run or two to wear under pants. The undamaged ones get put away for those RARE occasions that I wear a dress or skirt...usually only "on-stage."
Once the toes are blown out, they go into my craft supplies to be recycled into pillows or toys. I cut off the panty to use as a cap under wigs that I wear when performing in community theatre.