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As parents we want to help our children learn to love and appreciate the special people that they are created to be. We also want the members of our family to learn to love and support each other. Here is a great project from Miss Kay. Though she describes the process in a classroom setting it is easy to make this work in our families as well. So, go ahead - be a STAR.

Some of the awesome requirements of a kindergarten teacher are to teach their students to have confidence in themselves and how to get along with their classmates. I found that this book that we put together on Fridays was one way to develop my goals and it also became a treasure for each child.

During the school year every student was given a chance to be STAR for one week. He was given special jobs and privileges during the week and a book to take home written and illustrated by his classmates. In preparation for making the book we brainstormed kind words we could use to describe that child, such as: kind, caring, loving, thoughtful, helpful, dependable, trusting, unselfish, sharing, sweet, smart, handsome, cute, etc. We also talked about what the child was good at like: running, jumping, singing writing, sharing, listening, drawing, reading building, acting etc. Each child was then given an 8.5 x11 piece of paper. They each drew a picture of the STAR with colorful markers. As they worked I wrote a sentence across the bottom of each page, dictated by the artist, about the STAR. {As the year progressed some of the students could do their own writing.} I made a special cover beforehand, but that could also be the job of the STAR .We stapled all of the pages together and read the book as a group. Imagine how proud each child was of his page and how thrilled the STAR was to listen to all these kind words and to get to take the book home and read it with his family.

I can also see this as a family project, perhaps at birthday time. I believe it could mean more than a very expensive gift. Think of your own creative ways to make this project happen. What a perfect way to show love and appreciation to each other. Don’t get up tight about your drawing. Stick figures work just fine .For very little money you could even have it coil bound and laminated at an office supply store. What a wonderful keepsake!!!!!

Miss Kay is a retired Kindergarten teacher (and my wonderful mother). She believes in creative hands-on learning. For more ideas from Miss Kay click on Ideas from Miss Kay under Shoestring Parenting Projects and Ideas.

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