Shoestring Beauty - 52 Card Workout

It's almost summer and that means .....sigh.....swimsuit time. It's time to work off the effects of winter. The stores are brimming over with exercise equipment guaranteed to shape you up and slim you down. Unfortunately those miracles are expensive. I think that we'll all agree that joining a gym costs money - sometimes lots of money. Work out videos and exercise classes can cost a pretty penny, too. Don't despair! Here is a great workout that only costs as much as a deck of cards. My son introduced this 52 Card Workout to me when he was home for break and far from the exercise facilities at the U of I.

Here's how it works:
  1. Shuffle the deck.
  2. Draw two cards until the value of the cards is over 10 ( aces are 20, face cards are 10 )
  3. Complete that many jumping jacks, push ups, and sit ups then rest for that many seconds.
  4. Discard those cards and draw new cards.
  5. Continue drawing cards and exercising until you make it all the way through the deck.
  6. You can treat jokers as wild cards i.e. an extra 20 seconds of rest that you can play whenever you want or double the value of the last card or just count the joker as a face card or ace.
Make it a family affair and workout together, taking turns drawing the cards.
When you first start out you may only be able to make it through a portion of the deck, but don't give up. Soon you'll have a 30 -40 minute strengthening and cardio workout.

How are you getting ready for swimsuit season?
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