Shoestring Savings -Getting the most gas for the gallon

My friend Janelle is traveling to the coast this week. (Yes, I'm very jealous!) While she was listening to the radio she heard an interview with a man who runs the pipeline in California and he gave some tips on how to get the most gas at the gas pumps. Here are a few of the tips from the interview as relayed by Janelle:

  • Put gas in your car during the coolest part of the day because you get less fumes that way and more actual liquid gas.
  • The nozzles have this kickback mechanism for vapors and while you are filling your tank the vapors kick back into the hose after they come out and you've paid for them. To counteract that, fill on the lowest setting. The slower the gas comes out, the less vapor you will have and the more gas will stay in your tank.
  • Also, (and I've heard this before) you get better gas mileage if you keep your tank above 1/2. Don't wait for it to get on E before you fill it. Gas dissipates at a rate you wouldn't believe and the more air in your tank, the faster it dissipates and you lose gas.
All of these little tricks will help your gas go farther.

Thanks Janelle!

How do you stretch your gasoline dollar?

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