Shoestring Parenting - Paperclip math

Here is another great idea from Miss Kay (my mom). Miss Kay is a retired kindergarten teacher. Her approach to learning is always creative and hands on. To see more ideas from Miss Kay check out the Shoestring Parenting - Projects and Ideas.

I love to think of inexpensive things to use around the house to help our children learn. A pack or two of large, plastic- coated, colored paper clips will do just fine. These activities are especially good for 4 and 5 year olds. First lay them out on the table and let your child explore what he might want to do. Try these activities. Sort them by color. Count each set. Use the terms, more, less, and same. Help your child make a chain using a pattern( red, yellow, blue etc.) See if your child can keep the pattern going. Vary the pattern, making it more difficult. See if you can make sets of 5's and tens and practice counting to 100. Now see what ideas you and your child can come up with. Have fun! Don't push. Give them time to develop in their own time. If they are not interested they are probably not ready.

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