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Recently while I was folding the laundry I looked at a pair of socks with new eyes. Suddenly this pair of brightly colored foot ware wasn't just for keeping my feet warm or showing perky colors through my black mary janes, they were educational. There is a lot that you can teach your children using a pair of socks.
  • Colors
  • Counting by ones and twos
  • Sorting
  • Greater than/less than – Who has the most pairs of socks? Who has the least pairs of socks?
  • Multiplication – if you have 5 pairs of socks how many single socks do you have? 5 x 2 = 10.
  • Fine motor skills as they fold the socks into pairs.
  • Problem solving skills – We only have one of Daddy’s black socks, where do you think the other one is?
  • Writing and reading – take all of the single socks (if your family’s anything like mine you have quite a collection), help your child make a wanted poster for the missing socks and hang it in the laundry room.
  • Art – make sock puppets or stuff them and make caterpillars. Then read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.
I love educational toys. The bright colors and fun noises and all of the promises of pre-this and pre-that skills just suck me in. The major problem with these toys is that often they are soooooo expensive. You could really go broke buying all of the gizmos that promise to educate your children. But Educational Socks – I can afford those.

Another affordable household learning item is paperclips. My mother, a retired kindergarten teacher, uses Paperclip Math.
What other household item can turn an everyday chore into a teachable moment?

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Anonymous said...

You are amazing. I love your sock games!!!!!!!!!!!! How about giving your child the privilege of helping you sort and and fold the rest of the laundry. This is great for practicing minipulation and sorting skills.