Shoestring Meals - Making Chicken Go Further

We buy those big bags of frozen chicken breasts from Costco. Each piece is individually frozen so you can use one breast or many. Since each piece is quite big, one or two stir fried with lots of vegetables and served with rice will feed our family of 5. Another way to stretch chicken is to make chicken strips. One large breast can be cut into about 6 strips - 4 chicken breasts = 24 strips! Since chicken strips are quite rich tasting 3 or 4 strips make a good main dish, even for a hungry teenager. We like to serve them with pan-fried potatoes or French fries. (I know, not the healthiest meal but you don’t have to eat it every day.) I also like to pair it with fruit salad that features citrus fruit since citrus does a good job to cut the richness of the fried strips.
My husband, the real cook of the family, makes delicious chicken strips. His trick for making them crunchy good - after each strip is dipped in batter roll it in crushed saltine crackers and then fry them in the deep fryer.
Click on this link for another good chicken strip recipe – Easy and Fast Chicken Strips.
What’s your favorite chicken recipe?
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great ideas. I can't wait to try it with Saltines.

Gayle said...

I like to put boneless chicken in the crockpot layered with sliced potatoes and onion sprinkled with salt and pepper or herbs and garlic. I put a can of any cream soup over the top. No water is needed. Let it cook all day and the house smells so good when you come home. After 4 hours on high or 8 hours on low it's ready to eat whenever you are.

Dee Ann said...

Gayle, I love your cooking!