Shoestring Beauty - Recycling Nylons

Pantyhose and I have a love hate relationship. On one hand, I love to put on a fresh pair with a really sassy set of heals. On the other hand, I can never get through a single wearing without a snag or a run. Then I have to baby them along with hairspray and fingernail polish so that I can wear them, if I'm lucky, maybe two more times - three if my skirt is long enough to cover most of the run. Ultimately the run wins out and I have to throw them away. It seems like such a waste. Every time I throw another pair away I wonder, "What could I do to recycle nylons?" Recently my daughter gave me the answer.
We've all had this problem - You are getting dressed and as you pull on that favorite shirt or little black dress you realize that your deodorant has left big white smudges. You're in a hurry, and if you try to wash them off you end up with big wet spots. So, you pull the smudged clothing off in frustration and end up wearing something else that never makes you as happy as your first outfit.

Solution - Take an old pair of nylons and cut off the legs. Take one leg and stuff most of it into the toe. Then take the other leg and stuff all of it into the toe of the first leg. Tie off the end and you have a Nifty Nylon Deodorant Nixer (or in layman's terms, something that will wipe off the deodorant marks). It really works great! Just rub your nylon ball on the mark and it comes right off. Be a little creative and stuff lighter nylons with something colorful then add some pretty ribbon and you have a lovely and functional gift.
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