The Amazing Wonders of Baking Soda

My daughter was telling me that a friend told her (isn't that the way that it always happens?) to mix a little baking soda in with her shampoo for a clarifying effect. We live in an area where there are lots of minerals in the water and they can leave a film on your hair. My daughter decided to give the baking soda a try and was very pleased with the results.
Baking soda is truly an inexpensive household wonder. Every pantry should have a big box on the shelf. We buy the 12 pound bag from Costco. The book, Resourceful and Ingenious Uses of Baking Soda, is an ebook full of great ideas for using Baking Soda. Click on it and discover uses that you never dreamed of.
Here are some of my favorite ways to use baking soda:
  • To clean stubborn stuck on stuff on your pans, make a paste of baking soda and a little dish detergent apply it to the trouble spot and scrub.
  • A baking soda paste really does relieve the pain from a yellow jacket or bee sting.
  • About a cup in bath water is good to soothe itchy chicken pox.
  • I dip my toothbrush in baking soda and gently brush to help whiten my teeth. It seems to be quite effective on coffee stains.
  • We all know what a great deodorizer it is. I sprinkle it on the bottom of my kitchen trash cans and in the dirty clothes hamper. The deodorizer idea that everyone knows best is an open box in the fridge to absorb food odors.
The Arm and Hammer site has more ideas for using baking soda. There is also a fun book out by Vicki Lansky and Martha Campbell called Baking Soda: Over 500 Fabulous, Fun, and Frugal Uses You've Probably Never Thought Of.
Over 500! I really had no idea how amazing baking soda is.
Of course my favorite way to use baking soda is in chocolate chip cookies. I think that it's time for coffee and a cookie.
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Kelsie said...

Baking soda is awesome, isn't it? :)

Thank you very much for visiting my blog! I'm glad I could help!

Kyle said...

Great tips. I will have to remember the bee sting trick. At least a couple times a year one of my kids gets stung.

Neat blog you have hear! Glad you left a comment on my site so I could discover it. Have a great weekend!