This is a real winter! - emergency water

This year we are having a real North Idaho winter. We love it! The snow is so beautiful and everything feels muffled and cozy. But my husband is running out of places to put the snow when he plows so consequently our driveway has become so narrow that our car scrapes the sides of the snow as we drive through. Another common winter problem is frozen water pipes and power outages. So far we have been fortunate not to have to deal with either but a number of my friends have had problems with both. I hate not having water so I am stocking up on water again.
I could go to town and buy water but it is less expensive to recycle my plastic gallon milk jugs and fill them with water. As soon as we finish a gallon of milk I rinse it out well and spray it with bleach water. I let the bleach water dry to kill bacteria. Then I fill the jug about half way with water add 1 tsp of bleach and shake, shake, shake. Dump the bleach water, do a final rinse and fill with clear water. It is recommended to add about 1/8 - 1/4 of a tsp. of bleach to the water just to make sure that any lingering bacteria is killed. Don't fill it to the top if you are storing it out where it could freeze. The water needs room to expand if it freezes. Label the jug with the month and year and store. Right now we have water stored under our sinks in the bathrooms and on shelves in the garage. We also store some jugs in our freezer. This helps our freezer to run more efficiently is it only partially full of food and if we loose power the ice in the jugs helps to keep things frozen.
If you live in the city you may not think that storing water is necessary but just think about the long lines that you wont have to stand in if the water goes out. For more information about storing water check out this site.
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