Shoestring Shopping - Cruising the Clearance Racks

I come from a long line of clearance shoppers and my daughter, Britta, has inherited the bargain shopping gene. In fact, she is the best clearance shopper that I know. Here is some advice from Britta on cruising the clearance racks.

If you are anything like me shopping can be a welcome escape from some
of the harsher realities of daily life. Since I was a little girl I
loved to take the little money that I had from my allowance, birthday
money, or money earned from odd jobs and browse the clearance racks
for the perfect addition to my wardrobe. I knew that that less I spent
per item the more I could have at the end of the shopping trip. Those
early days of shopping have long passed. I have transitioned from a
little girl with a small chunk of change to a happily poor college
student with a similarly small budged for clothes and accessories.
Thankfully the passion for browsing those clearance racks remains.

I have been frequenting T.J. Maxx lately as I have found that every two
to three months their stock sees some incredible mark downs. Recently
I purchased a pair of darling twill pants for seventy cents and a
Calvin Klein bra for a dollar. Occasionally necessity requires us to
make larger purchases than seventy cent pairs of pants. I needed a
pair of snowboarding pants a couple weeks ago and remembered seeing a
few pairs left at T.J. Max in their seasonal clearance. I found a
fantastic pair of three hundred dollar (retail value) snowboarding
pants for forty dollars. So let me share with you a few secrets
about "sales" and "clearance racks"

1. There is always a better sale than the one you are at.
2. If you find something you like but don't need it immediately wait a
couple weeks and you are likely to find it at a much better value.
3. Don't save up all your shopping energy for a single trip. Casually
keep your eyes out for new things so that you don't feel pressured to
make purchases for over priced items.

Happy shopping!
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