Shoestring Beauty - Suggestions from lovely women

I’m a sucker for the latest beauty creams, especially if they promise to make me look younger.
Though it is lots of fun to spend money at the beauty counter on the newest lotions and creams, there are many ways to stay in the beauty game without going broke. Here are some suggestions that I have found to be both beautifying and economical.

My mom taught me to take extra care of the skin around my eyes. She told me not to rub my eyes, or pull while I am putting on my eye make up. Less pulling, less wrinkles. And she told me to dab a little extra cream around the eye area because that area needs more moisture.
(My mom also told me, when I was a little girl suffering from allergies, not to rub my nose because it would leave a line. I didn’t listen to her and now I have a line. The lesson is - always listen to your mom.)

A friend who is a skin specialist told me to use body lotion on my face instead of buying expensive facial creams. But don’t use the heavy greasy lotions they will make you break out.

Another gal I know who is a cosmetologist suggested using gentle shampoo to wash your face. She said that our faces have basically the same ph as our hair. I never researched that to find out if it is true but the shampoo takes the make up off without drying my face.

I was also told by a friend, who worked in the beauty business for years, to use Mayonnaise on your hair as a conditioner. She said to work the Mayo through wet hair and then wrap your hair in a plastic bag and let it sit for about 15 – 30 min. Then rinse thoroughly. She says that it is the best thing and I have talked to others who say that the Mayo treatment works. I tried it once and it made me hungry but my hair was shiny.

Be sure and leave a comment if you have any money saving beauty suggestions.
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