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You don't have to spend lots of money on art supplies for your children. You just have to give them the opportunity to create. My mom, Kay, taught kindergarten for years and her class always had the most wonderful art center filled with scraps of this and that designed to spark creativity and be turned into wonderful creations. Thanks to stores like the Dollar Tree crayons, markers, glue and scissors can be bought for very little. Our homes are full of fantastic this-and-thats that can be recycled into art. So don't wait around until you can afford expensive art lessons for your children, the time to start creating is now.
Here is one of mom's favorite ideas - The Scrap Box.

Iam a retired kindergarten teacher from Arizona and love to share ideas that worked in my classroom. One of the favorite things my kinderkids liked to do in the classroom was to have free time at the art center using the Scrap Box. This was a perfect time for them to use their creative imaginations and solve their problems independently. It was their treat to make anything they wanted to using only the items in the box. It was my joy to see their finished products and observe their satisfaction in what they were able to accomplish. I would ask them to tell me about it and I would then tell them about the parts I liked best.
This center did not include coloring books, stencils, worksheets or stamp pads. It was pretty exciting to see what they accomplished without these things. My hope is that every home with children would put together a box like this. It is not a neat and tidy activity , but it is a wonderful gift you can give. I suggest using a large plastic box with a lid.
Items included in the box:
Scissors , paper punch
markers, crayons, pencils
glue sticks, masking tape
bright yarn and string
white and colored paper scraps
poster board scraps
wallpaper and wrapping paper scraps
old greeting cards
paper plates
popsicle sticks
old magazines
greeting cards
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