Let Me Entertain You or Support Your Local Actor

Yes, that's me in the middle being pulled in two directions. That picture was taken during a rehearsal for the play Mary, Mary by Jean Kerr. All right, I admit it - I ....act. I also ....sing and occasionally.............I....dance. I love it! I live in a small community that is surrounded by other small communities and when we first moved here I was pretty certain that there wouldn't be any place for me to do these things that I love. Boy, was I wrong. Among these small communities there are two active and prospering theater groups, there is a wonderful community choir and a yearly variety show that includes some of the best talent in the area and draws audience from all over the Pacific Northwest. The best part is that these are not professional groups; they are volunteers. They are our neighbors and our coworkers and local business owners. We buy our groceries from them or see them at the post office and then we get together in the evening for rehearsal. That is true community. That's why they call it community theater. Community theater is a place to build friendships, to refine old talents and to learn new skills (I told you, occasionally I dance).
How does this apply to the Shoestring Lifestyle? By volunteering in your local community theater you learn performance skills without having to pay for expensive lessons. Kids and adults alike learn to work and play together, learn leadership skills, group dynamics, team building, problem solving, how to work on a budget - I think that all of those companies that pay big money for their workers to go to team building workshops would be a lot better off doing a production of Our Town or producing a musical. And if you're an audience member you get to see well known productions like Life With Father and Arsenic and Old Lace, Fiddler on the Roof and The Fantasticks all for just a fraction of what you would pay to see them at a professional theater. You save money and you get the joy of seeing your friends and neighbors do something that they love. So, take in some Shoestring Entertainment this weekend and visit your local community theater.
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