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The Dreaded Crud finally caught up with me this week. I tried to fight it. I upped my vitamins, I drank echinacea tea, I though positive "I will not get sick" thoughts. In in the end the crud won. Once you've been tackled by the flu there's not much you can do except endure. But there are things that you can do to make the whole process easier to live through.
  • First on the list for me is to drink, drink, drink. Drink lots of water, the cool water feels so good on a sore throat. There are also wonderful teas that are formulated especially for colds and flu. Celestial Seasonings and Good Earth make two of my favorites and a friend recently suggested Gypsy Cold Car Tea. Of course, coffee is on my list. It may not be a flu fighter but it is good for my soul.
  • Rest if very important. To achieve the proper restful state when you are hit by the flu you need a very soft and comfy blanket to snuggle in. Then you need a stack of favorite movies; movies that are very familiar so that you can doze in and out and still know what's going on. Movies that you can watch with your eyes shut. My sick movies this week have been My Big Fat Greek Wedding (never watch this one with the stomach flu), Two Weeks Notice, Pride and Prejudice, Ever After and While You Were Sleeping. I need happy endings when I'm sick.
  • My friend Janelle's mommy made her chicken soup when she felt awful and it was just the ticket. Mothers are very important when you are sick. Mine lives far away in Arizona but I always feel better when I talk to her. Here is a link to a yummy recipe for Chicken Soup.
  • I know a pharmacist that suggests sucking on zinc lozenges during the day and gargling with whiskey before bed. This process is said to cut the duration of your symptoms in half. I haven't tried the whiskey but the zinc lozenges seem to help.
  • I also have friends that drink Aloe Vera to fight illness.
  • Heat on your chest and throat is very helpful for coughs. My friend, Gayle, made one of those rice logs for me. It is rice sewn up in a cloth tube. To soothe the desire to cough, I warm it up in the microwave and hold it on my chest. It feels so good and really helps those night time coughing fits.
What do you to live through the flu?

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LeeAnn said...

Best thing I try to do when sick is clear my calendar, and forget trying to be productive. Sometimes I think we Americans have forgotten how to convalesce--rest, sleep, rest some more. I've learned not to try to cram 'getting well' into my already busy schedule! I'll get better much faster if that's my only project for a couple of days.

Dee Ann said...

Thanks, LeeAnn. You're right we need to allow ourselves time to be sick, so that we can get well.