I love coffee. To me it is the ultimate in affordable luxury. When my husband, Greg, and I were first married we were, as my grandmother put it, so broke we didn't have two pennies to rub together. We discovered that when we went out with friends we could order one cup of coffee to share and the waitress would keep refilling the cup so there was plenty for both of us. Over the years we have learned to appreciate a really good cup of joe. We have also discovered the best time to enjoy a really good cup and eachother's company is CoffeeTime.
We invented CoffeeTime when my husband first started working from home. About 2:00 in the afternoon we take a break from whatever we are doing - working, blogging, schooling - and sit in Greg's office and have a coffee break. It's like a siesta but with coffee, a treat and good conversation.
We don't always have CoffeeTime inside. Today we took our coffee and treat (today's treat was kettlecorn) and sat in the greenhouse and soaked up the sun. After being cooped up because of snow it was a wonderfully luxurious thing to do.
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