Affordable Luxury - Valentine's Day

Luxury - An indulgence in something that provides pleasure (Websters)

Last night we decided to go out for coffee and a Valentines Day treat. I love these kind of dates. We cruised around town and found a new coffee place, Calypsos. It's the kind of place that you can linger in, with couches and comfy chairs and good music. They make a very good Americano and their chocolate brownies are big and rich. We split one. So we lingered for an hour eating chocolate and drinking coffee and enjoying each other's company. We could have gotten all dressed up in uncomfortable clothes and gone to an expensive restaurant where we would have spent too much and eaten too much (actually, I love those kinds of dates too) but when I picture my husband sitting in an overstuffed chair with his leg draped over one of the chair's arms, drinking coffee and so relaxed ...... I couldn't have asked for a more luxurious evening.
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